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Space 42/Press /Press: VOID Magazine April 2, 2017


Press: VOID Magazine April 2, 2017

“Renovating A Work of Art”


 Where a dilapidated, junk filled warehouse once stood, a stunning new arts and events venue is opening in Jacksonville next month. While renovators aren’t typically considered artists, the transformation of Space 42 has been so dramatic and comprehensive, it feels like an artistic achievement has occurred. What was once a dingy, blank concrete block filled with old cars, rat tunnels, and junk, is now a modern, bright exhibition space — a work that required so much vision and foresight, it’s hard to compare it to anything other than a work of art.

Art is at the center of the new space located at 2670 Phyllis Street Jacksonville, Florida 32204. Creating a space to host art events and house their technology business Ijhana is what first compelled Michelle and Kevin Calloway and their partners James and Charity Higbe to begin looking for warehouse spaces around Jacksonville.

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