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Space 42/Press /Press: EU Jacksonville


Press: EU Jacksonville

“SPACE 42: Life, The Universe, and Everything”


The founders of SPACE 42 believe that if you build it, they will come. It’s a hybrid warehouse in the newly-proclaimed Arts District of Jacksonville that combines technology with the arts. “Without art, technology fails,” says Kevin Calloway, co-founder of SPACE 42. Through his extensive background in technology consulting, Kevin has found that most tech geniuses work like artists. “In turn, without technology, art fails.”

Together with business partners James and Charity Higbe, Kevin and Michelle Calloway have excavated the 22,000 square foot warehouse on Phyllis Street behind CoRK Arts District. Properly marrying art and technology to create an innovation center requires an expanse of physical space. The team has been clearing 70 years’ worth of previous tenants’ piled-high accumulations since late January. Michelle laughs at the memory of hauling a metal working tenant’s equipment out of the space. “We’re crazy people.”

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