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Space 42/Events /Dream / Sueño / Rêve By: John Carr & Estee Ochoa


Dream / Sueño / Rêve By: John Carr & Estee Ochoa

On display now until January 2018 //  M-F 10am-3pm or by special appointment

A special thank you to our artists John Carr and Estée Ochoa for the wonderful photography and mural installation now on display at Space 42. Our opening night on November 4th, 2017 was an amazing success. We have included a gallery of images from opening night. Thank you again to our community for supporting this project!

Show Info:

Artists John Carr and Estée Ochoa in conjunction with Space 42 invite you to: Dream / Sueño / Rêve, a mural installation space of connecti​vity​ and possibility. Dreams are the shadows of something real. Through dreams we navigate​ our fears and desires. We confront relationships with ​ourselves,​ nature and ​one another​. We convene with our ancestors and envision our destinies. From dreams, our will is born. Our centerpiece is a contemplation of the archetypal mother who initiates our identity in the world, and of Humanitas, the fulfillment of human potential through beneficence and knowledge of self-worth. The installation will include paintings, an altar, prints and photography.

All Images by: Estee Ochoa

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