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Space 42 Jacksonville, Florida

Press: Jacksonville Magazine

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Press: The Florida Times Union

Kevin Calloway left Jacksonville in his early 20s, looking for opportunities in California that he didn’t think his hometown could provide. He found what he was looking for out there, but now he’s back, helping to convert a big Riverside building into a place he hopes will keep bright young tech-minded people from Jacksonville from having to leave their hometown too. Read the full article here....

Press: Jacksonville Business Journal

Inside, a tech and design center works over a large wood table in one corner, while a 10,000-square-foot gallery space features art. A pop-up shop will sell local art pieces in another section, and a coffee shop on the patio is in the works. In the backyard, a garden is planned, which will be created in conjunction with La Villa sustainable garden....

Press: EU Jacksonville

The founders of SPACE 42 believe that if you build it, they will come. It’s a hybrid warehouse in the newly-proclaimed Arts District of Jacksonville that combines technology with the arts. “Without art, technology fails,” says Kevin Calloway....

Press: VOID Magazine Michael Alan

Artist Michael Alan’s first performance in Jacksonville is titled “Life, the Universe, and Everything.” A bold title that might strike fear into the heart of a more “serious” artist. But after interviewing Alan and learning more about his playful, joyous, startling and dynamic performance, it seems this show may, in fact, include everything that lies between life and the universe....

Press: VOID Magazine April 2, 2017

Where a dilapidated, junk filled warehouse once stood, a stunning new arts and events venue is opening in Jacksonville next month. While renovators aren’t typically considered artists, the transformation of Space 42 has been so dramatic and comprehensive, it feels like an artistic achievement has occurred....